How is IT transforming business and what is their relationship  to globalization? 

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INFO 1500 Introduction to IT Fundamentals

Learning Objectives
• How is IT transforming business and what is their relationship to globalization?

1. Information Technology

• Why is IT so essential for running and managing a business today? • What exactly is an information system? How does it work?
What are its management, organization, and technology components? • What are complementary assets? Why are complementary assets essential for ensuring that information systems provide genuine value for an organization?
• What is a sociotechnical systems perspective?

Alexander Nikov



The New Yankee
Stadium Looks to the Future

1. The Role of IT in Business Today

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3. What kinds of businesses are most likely to benefit from equipping their employees with mobile digital devices such as iPhones, iPads and BlackBerrys?
4. Discuss the implications of the statement of D.W. Morgan’s CEO,
“The iPhone is not a game changer, it’s an industry changer. It changes the way that you can interact with your customers and with your suppliers.”

Email, messaging, social networking, and sales force management are described in this case study. The applications support business functions that include collaboration, location-based services, and communications with colleagues. These applications improve operational efficiency and decision making by allowing people to communicate from wherever they are. They are no longer tethered to one place or one machine. They can receive information and data instantaneously which allows them to make better, faster decisions.
In the case of Doylestown Hospital, doctors use iPhone applications to access medical reference applications, giving them a broader base of information on which to base decisions.



Interactive Session: Management: IT in Your Pocket

Interactive Session: Management: IT in Your Pocket

2. Identify the problems that businesses in this case study solved by using mobile digital devices. 1/3

2. Identify the problems that businesses in this case study solved by using mobile
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