Business Process Information System At Aecom

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Business Process Information System at AECOM AECOM is one of an engineering firm that specializes in consultancy, management and construction support services to clients in a multitude of different industries. The services that AECOM provides are diverse in nature because of the specific need of each industry that AECOM services. As a professional services organization, information plays an integral role in day-to-day operations because it supports the completion of the tasks related to business processes in the workplace. An entire business process is the sum of the tasks that workers perform in order to successfully complete a job for a client. To do this effectively, an organization will rely on the use of a business process…show more content…
The costs and the benefits should be determined by the team responsible for the implementation of the new system. This information will then need to be used in order to perform a robust feasibility study.
A feasibility study will need to take into consideration the different forms of feasibility that are associated with the project. Legal, human resource, economic, technological and operational factors should all be considerations in the feasibility study (Shelley, Cashman & Rosenblatt, 2003). At the conclusion of the study, the costs and benefits for the organization as well as resource requirements and which subject matter experts should play roles in different elements of implementation will be known. This is the point where the IT organization will be able to come to a conclusion regarding what is needed in the development of a new system.
At the point of analysis the IT organization will need to determine the needs of the organization in the scope of the specific business process and how it is that the implementation of a new business process information system will respond to the gaps in the current system (Shelley, Cashman & Rosenblatt, 2003). The process stakeholders, the end customer, the employees and management will need to be considered in the analysis process
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