Strategy and Eden Bay

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Please read the TOWN of EDEN BAY case study on pages 91-92 of your textbook and answer the 4 questions listed at the end of page 92. Make sure to properly justify your answers.

1. Upon investigation, you learn that the town does not have a strategic plan or mission statement. in your view, does this affect the current situation? Why or why not?

* In my point of view, I think yes without a strategic plan this might affect their current situation; because having a spreadsheet this make their work more difficult for them. Having a strategic plan is very important because it helps them to provide direction and focus for all employees. Also, to have a strategic plan you can follow it in order to achieve the goal that you plans for
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* The threats of Town of Eden Bay could be the other private companies that might effect on them.

3. Describe the specific steps you will follow during a preliminary investigation, including any fact- finding techniques you will use. Be sure to include the tools mentioned in this chapter. (Hints: For Question 3, Refer to the general steps of preliminary investigation (listed in figure 2-17, page 72) and the discussion that follows.)

One of the first steps involved in carrying out a preliminary investigation include understanding the problem or opportunity in sight. The analyst must first identify which department, users and business processes the system request is involved in to evaluate and assess the causes and effects related in the proposed system. Defining the project scope and constraints is the second step. With clear indications of the projects boundaries or extent the project scope is determined, while the requirements or conditions the system must confer to or achieve determine the projects constraints. The third step in a preliminary investigation consists of fact finding techniques, that involve the analyses of charts, interviews with users, managers and review of documents , observing operations and finally user surveys. Followed by the fourth step that includes the process of evaluating feasibility. This step consists of evaluating the feasibility of the proposed projects operational, technical, economical and
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