Business Relocation Decisions : Data Tech Inc Case Study

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Business Relocation Decisions Data Tech, Inc. Case Study Decision on Size of Business Facility Data Tech, Inc. faces a need to make effective relocation decision owing to the increasing volume of business and potential for higher volumes with the wave of technology. In order to relocate the business, there is need to look at a wider spectrum that incorporates immediate business needs and the potential future needs. In the way, a growing business can make cost effective relocation process evading constant needs for relocations (Kumar, 2010). According to Kumar (2010), a business' location serves as an important venture in the company strategy to keep growing while assuring current and future operational and cost conveniences. Considerations for facility management that incorporates customer-oriented aspects, comprehensive decision making, usage, space adoption and company strategic goals are paramount in business relocation (Sliwinski & Gabryelczyk, 2010). Data Tech, Inc. management should incorporate cost effectiveness and facility management in making the decision to relocate the business. Using the existing client already acquired, Jeff should forecast to weigh the size of space needful in the near future. The aspect to be considered include; market trend, marketing strategies, time taken to acquire the first, second third and fourth clients and the company's status in the industry. With this information, it is possible to use facility management to determine the

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