Business Strategy And Term Strategy: Kingfisher Airlines Limited

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Kingfisher Airlines Limited was an airline group based in Bengaluru in India and it was subsidiary company of United Breweries Group. It was owned by CMD Vijay Mallya. It was established in 2003 and started its operation on 9 May 2005. It operated flights to 25 domestic destinations in India. On 3rd September 2008, Kingfisher Airlines started its first international operations by connecting Bengaluru to London. Kingfisher was originally launched as an economy airline with single – class configuration airlines with good food and impressive entertainment systems. After two year of operation, suddenly they shifted their focus to luxury. In order to expand quickly, they keep on changing their business model, there was no time for the airline …show more content…

Whether they want to go for low cost/budget airlines or luxury section. If they focus on either one, they might have succeeded. Or they can go for low cost airlines at domestic level to fulfill needs of large Indian population and go for luxury airlines at international level.
2) Acquisition of Air Deccan: Kingfisher acquires Air Deccan to get the international airlines flying license. They should use their aircrafts to increase its connectivity to major flying routes in India at a lower cost than other competitors in India, due to having more number of air crafts.
3) Professional management: They should have employed professionals from world who has rich experience in managing the airlines industry for example Singapore Airlines.
4) Sell away IPL team/ business: After one or two years, Kingfisher should sell away their IPL team to generate some cash for their airline business and to make a full stop on cash burning activities like advertising for IPL team and related activities.
5) Input more funds: During financial loss in Airlines business, the parent company, United Breweries need to input more money to take out airlines business from debt trap and try to win confidence of investors and

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