According To (Smith, 2012), Jetblue Was The Best-Funded

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According to (Smith, 2012), JetBlue was the best-funded startup in the history of U.S. aviation established in 1999. The company started when the founder realized that there are many needs to minimize the time taken by travelers to book their traveling. Neeleman decided to utilize the technology to come up with a system that will enable the customers to reduce their time that they use while waiting to be attended. The founder of the airline was working with different carriers before deciding to come up with JetBlue Company which come after the first fail. He was a great admirer of Kelleher and Southwest, but he noted that there were two seemingly contradictory forces at work if an airline could be successful.
The first thing was that
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He said that they were a new kind of low-fare airline with great people and innovative thinking. They offer friendly services and they he was aiming at bringing people back to air travel.
All this was just a way of coming up with a good strategy that the company could use so that they can offer significant personal services, create a state-of-the-art revenue management system. From their strategy, the airline was focusing on offering a single class of services to their customers with a fare averaging at 65% less than the competition. Through taking this step, they could be utilizing all their resources since no seat would remain ticketless. The ticket could be one way thus relieving the travelers the burden of paying two ways of which would be one a major challenge to them. The other strategy that the airline comes up with to enhance their customer services was to give a voucher of $159 in the case of any delay in flight for more than an hour for any reason apart from unfavorable weather conditions or air traffic. They were also to give out a voucher of $25 for misplaced bags. From these strategies that the airline built helped it to have more travelers contributing to their development.
The other factor that leads to the success of the airline had adequate capital to start the

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