Businesses And Business Communication Has Impacted By Cultural Differences

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Businesses and business communication could be greatly impacted by cultural differences, especially when conducting business internationally or with people of various cultures. Understanding cultural differences is a key to succeed at communicating or conducting businesses since culture influences how people think, communicate and behave (Salacuse, 2005). Having a deep comprehension and adapting to a new culture become more significant when someone is traveling overseas to re-locate him or herself and work at a different country.
Kelly was born and raised in Alberta, Canada, where during her school years, she was able to learn how to speak and write Japanese. At 15, Kelly became an exchange student and was able to spend four enjoyable
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They even offered training sessions about life in Japan and potential problems that might arise. Kelly happened to be a little over confident with her prior experience living in Japan during her four months as exchange student and she believed that her understanding of the Japanese culture was enough for her to go work in Japan without attending any of the training sessions.
What Kelly didn’t know is that the city where she was sent to was completely different from the city where she was an exchange student. Osaka was a large city full of life and plenty of night activities; on the other hand, Soto was a small city on a remote island called Shikoku, with barely anything to do. However, Kelly planned to use all of her vacation time and holidays to travel around Japan and see those places that she might never have a chance to see again. Regardless of not having much to do at Soto, she knew this was going to be a great place to improve her Japanese since not many people spoke English and she was forced to practice Japanese.
This was going to be the first time Kelly was working at a Japanese office and she was soon to realize that her lack of understanding of the local culture was going to bring up some problems in the workplace. Kelly was given an easy schedule to work Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM. The contract given to her by CLAIR stipulated her working hours,
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