Cultural Experience at Workplace

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Cultural Experience at Workplace
By Mana Mirsaidi

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction 2
2. Me and My Culture 3
3. My Workplace Culture 4
4. Cultural Issues 5
4.1. Communication 5
4.2. Negotiation 7
4.3. Decision Making 7
4.4. Other Issues 8
5. Conclusion 9
6. Refrences 10

1. Introduction
In today’s business environment and specially in Multinational Organizations, we have diversity of cultures and nationalities working together despite all cultural differences.
So it is necessary to know these differences when we are in the global age, to be more productive and avoide any conflicts with colleagues, top managers, people who you are managing, or clients.
In my paper, I will be discussing few cultural issues in my
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Also we have a group of Arab people, and Filipinos. I am the only Iranian person and my client are mostly Iranian also.
Despite different nationalities, we have overall similarities in cultures among Pakistanis, Arabs and Filipinos and me!
My Boss is a Lebanese-French guy who I have the most conflict with. we have High context culture in this company and many people are relatives ( two brothers, cousins & sisters …) and relatonship is a key point in this company.
We have Medium to high power distance, means some people are very close to CEO (No power distance for them because of the relationship) , but for others is not same.
Company has high Collectivisim culture, one example is eating the lunch together, in the lunch Room which makes people feel they are part of a group. Relegiouse
Another aspect is Medium to low uncertainty avoidance, which for example in a dealing with Rules and regulations it is clear.
Traditionally this company has Masculinity culture, but it’s changing the lower ranks, although still in high ranks men only can be the managers.
Both company and employees are High in Long Term Oriention, meanining to say that there are many people working for the company, and they don’t have plans to leave, or change the job and they are loyal, at the same time
I continue with emphasising on some cultural issues in my workplace such as Communication, Negotiation and Decison Making.

4. Cultural
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