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CASE STUDY – HALFORDS 1) Consider whether Halfords’ HR objectives are SMART? SMART targets need to be ‘specific’, ‘measurable’, ‘agreed’, ‘realistic’ and ‘time-bound’. This allows for targets to appropriately suit the business and help it to work at maximum standards. ‘Ensure that employees have market-leading knowledge of a wide choice of products.’ This target can be seen at a glance to be unmeasurable due to the absence of qualitative measures or even anything to compare the employee’s knowledge to. This is very much a negative towards Halfords as it won’t become apparent when a target has been reached, subsequently leading to no gratification to employees which can cause demotivation. However, this negative of the first target can be …show more content…

Knowledge is also an external factor as it is needed to be competitive. Financial constraints have definitely not been a factor in deciding the HR targets and so even though both internal and external influences have been used, external influences become more apparent when analysing the HR objectives of Halfords. 3) In achieving its HR objectives, assess whether Halfords’ HR strategy is likely to have been hard or soft, and why the particular strategy is likely to have been selected. A hard HR strategy treats employees as a resource, just like any other resource, to be monitored and used in an efficient manner in order to achieve the strategic objectives of the organisation; a soft HR strategy views employees as valuable assets, a major source of competitive advantage and of vital importance in achieving strategic objectives. When looking at the first objective; ‘ensure that employees have market-leading knowledge of a wide choice of products,’ does initially portray them as a voice of the product; describing every detail and making it seem advantageous over other competitors. This can be added to further when looking at the new 750 specialists capable of hardwired technology fitting, 2000 trained to fit child seats, 1500 trained to deliver satellite navigation systems and 800 fully trained bicycle mechanics. Employing these new individuals can be seen as a

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