CIA Assassination

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With this in mind, was there any possibility that the CIA assassinate JFK? At first, it might appear to be unrealistic that the CIA would kill their own President. In any case, due to Kennedy's inclination for discretion over military activity, the President and the CIA had an especially tense relationship. The strain started at an early stage in JFK's administration, with the lamentable Bay of Pigs attack. Some connivance scholars assumed that the CIA constrained Kennedy into endorsing the intrusion of Cuba. In spite of having little confidence in the arrangement, and being hesitant to bring about the anger of the Soviet Union, the President conceded to the stipulation that American-trained Cubans, and not US military, would be utilized. Trusting …show more content…

Johnson made the Warren Commission to explore his murder. The investigation was led by the previous leader of the CIA, Allen Dulles. Having lost his job in view of Kennedy's refusal to collaborate with his requests, Dulles was in the in the perfect position to conceal a CIA operation. It might not be surprised that the last report found that Oswald acted alone. With respect to the limited who could have uncovered reality, Lee Harvey Oswald – he was killed two days after the death. Despite the fact that Oswald’s killer, Ruby, admitted that he killed Oswald because of the anger at the President's death, scholar Michael Collins Piper noticed that Ruby used to be a gunrunner under the direction of the CIA. This association has persuaded that Ruby was requested by CIA to murder Oswald to cover the truth about Kennedy's death. Furthermore, that wasn't the CIA's just association with the fallout of the death. In 2012 some pieces of evidence showed that Lee Harvey Oswald had been nearly monitored for a long time, a reality the CIA concealed at the time (“Did the”). Overall, there are too much suspicion that the CIA had a much larger part to play in the death of the United States' most cherished

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