CM Data Case Study

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The CM data (code C43, the International Classification of Diseases10th revision) registered from 1983 to 2013 were derived from Hong Kong Cancer Registry, Hospital Authority (, accessed 18th, June, 2016). Briefly, the Hospital Authority manages the Hong Kong’s public hospital services, and the Hong Kong Cancer Registry is a population-based cancer registry and a member of the International Association of Cancer Registries. The full dataset used in this study was attached as the Supplemental Table S1 and Supplemental Table S2. It contains the following categories: sex, five-year age groups, diagnosed cases, deaths, and age standardized rates (ASRs, per 100,000 person-years) of incidence and…show more content…
Five sub-models were arranged in the sequence with all relevant test: Age, Age-drift, Age-Cohort, Age-Period-Cohort, and Age-Period. The likelihood-ratio test derived from the deviance statistic was used to choose the best fitting model [31, 32] by assessing likelihood-based deviance statistics and penalizing additional degrees of freedom starting from an age parameter only. Finally, the five sub-models above estimated the effects of drift, cohort, period and cohort, and period in sequence. The effects of age, period and cohort were calculated as the rates for reference period, rate ratio relative to the reference period (2000), and rate ratio relative to the reference cohort with (1960), respectively. All above was implemented with the “” function in the “Epi” package [33] in the R software [34].

2.4 Case fatality ratio

The case fatality ration was defined as the proportion of deaths over the new cases in a period. It is expressed as a percentage and represents the risk of the CM.

3. Results

3.1 Annual percentage change in incidence and mortality of cutaneous melanoma in Hong Kong (1983-2013)

A total of 767 deaths and 1688 cases of incidence were registered between 1983 and 2013 in Hong Kong (Table 1). Both incidences and deaths in males were greater than female. The deaths were with a male:female
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