CO2 Emission as a Severe Global Environmental Concern Essay

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Due to other environmental practices that are more relatable to families or people in a general sense, such as household recycling, carpooling, and even purchasing solar panels for a rooftop, the detrimental harm CO2 emissions have caused to the Earth’s atmosphere is often overlooked. As a release of carbon dioxide into the Earth’s atmosphere known as CO2 emissions continue to dominate the world’s top environmental concerns, a recent increasing effort has provided multiple ideas including those of chemists, professors, and world corporations. The efforts provided by these group of people of improving certain energy producing methods such as Nuclear energy plants offers hope to ultimately reduce the globe’s high emission of CO2, thus …show more content…

Friedman discusses the solutions provided by Socolow and Palaca as ingenious yet ridiculously challenging as the scale required simultaneously provides an eye opening truth to how severe CO2 emission levels have become, “If the world managed to take just one of those steps, it would be a miracle. Eight would be the miracle of miracles, but this is the scale of what will be required” (Friedman 277).
Furthermore, Friedman also introduces the work of Nate Lewis, a chemist and energy expert at the California Institute of Technology, whose more general approach differs from those of Socolow and Palaca. Lewis states, “In the year 2000, the world's total average rate of energy usage was roughly 13 trillion watts (13 terawatts). That means that at any given moment, on average, the world was using about 13 trillion watts” (Friedman 277). Moreover Lewis calculates that by the year 2050, the world’s total average rate of energy usage will double to 26 trillion watts (26 terawatts), and statistically, “…we would actually have to cut global CO2 emissions by 2050 by close to 80 percent, relative to current levels – starting today” (Friedman 278). In response to his initial estimation, Lewis brings up the topic of nuclear energy as a source of new clean

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