Essay on CRIMES Are Committed By...CRIMINALS, Guns Are Not The Issue

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Calls for more gun-control came after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut where 20 school students and 6 adults were killed by a man with an “assault rifle” (Cary). Soon after the school massacre, President Obama proposed a ban “assault rifles” and high capacity magazines and make background checks tougher (Cary). A protest movement called “Guns Across America” was the pro-gun response in January 2013 to the wave of calls for more gun control (Weissert). I would take the poster to a “Guns Across America” event at the Texas State capital. With my poster, I'm protesting any action from the government which will control and restrict the rights of law abiding citizen to purchase and own firearms. In my …show more content…

Any debate on crime needs to focus on crime prevention and not the guns of law abiding citizens. Controlling guns is not a crime prevention strategy, it only prevents the those who are physically weaker than their attackers like women, elderly, and disabled from defending themselves against bigger, faster and stronger aggressors. Since crime and gun control are serious issues,I used a white poster board for a simple background and red and black permanent markers to convey that seriousness. Since the words crimes and criminals go to together and are central to my argument, I made them both bold, in all caps, and in red so they are the most eye catching. Red is also associated with blood, so by making criminals red instead of guns I'm also indicating what really causes people to bleed; other people. The the first and last phrases are where I set up my argument and draw my conclusions, so they are important and therefore bold as well. The first three checklist options are for comparison only and are not as central to my argument so they are not in bold letters. I am trying to reach and convince people who don't agree with me, are unsure about the issue, don't have strong feeling about it, and especially those who don't understand the issue. By using a checklist, I'm trying to explain the core of the issue and my position on it as simply and as clearly as possible. Even if someone has never thought much about the issue or has not considered my side of it,

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