CU728 Analyse and report data

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Understand how to organise and evaluate data that has been researched.

1.1 Describe the purpose and benefits of organising data so that it can be analysed.

The purpose and benefits of organising data so that it can be analysed as you will be turning this data into information. Data is commonly known as information which is lacking meaning, therefore it cannot be analysed easily, however information is much more meaningful. We can filter the data and use it as needed which saves time scrolling through lots of unnecessary data. The benefits of organising data are that is can be easier to read and to understand. It also makes it quicker to find the information you need from it.

1.2 Explain how to evaluate the relevance, …show more content…

1.6 Describe how to search for relevant data sources

There are many ways of searching for relevant data sources such as the internet, books, previous reports and speaking to the team. However, you must take in to account how long it will take to research these different sources, whether they are available and how accurate and unbiased they are.

Understand how to report data that has been researched

2.1 Describe ways of reporting data so that it:

a) The ways of reporting data, so that it meets agreed aims and objectives are:

Always make sure that the data you collect serves the purpose of the report you are going to prepare
It is best not to name or label people in the report
Check to see that the report is in the agreed format and that it can be understood easily by anyone involved
Keep the language as simple as possible if the report is to be distributed to a wide range of people, again this depends on the purpose of the report and what you are trying to achieve or report
Arrange data clearly and neatly in different section with notes or explanations wherever necessary
The conclusion has to be clear with the results of your research or analysis
Include any recommendations
It is always good to summarise at the start as to what the report is about, its purpose and what is discussed. You

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