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Your Own Behavior The pattern that I noticed was that I have become a stickler on rules and regulations. I do not show that much CWB in organization which I scored an average of 1.52 and I do not show CWB in person which I averaged at 2.32. I was not very surprised by these averages since I was raised with very strict parents that made sure I respected and gave my best at whatever I did. I have always been a rule follower but when I was younger and working for other managers I would bend to what they would want me to do. I love that Starbucks has a very strong policy and procedure handbook as well as PCC who can answer any or all questions that you might have about work ethics and compliance. My manager keeps very clear guidelines and …show more content…

We know that it is our responsibility to teach our baristas and hold them accountable for their actions. I cannot think of another counterproductive work behavior question that is not included in the questionnaire. To cater to our workplace the questionnaires would have to be more around teamwork and how we cripple the team. Counterproductive work behavior The most CWB that takes place at Starbucks would be the “down times” when there is a lull after the crazy rush. This is the time to catch up and make the store pretty again for the next batch of customers but instead many baristas stand around and think that they can just hang out at the register until the next customer walks up. I have no problem having fun and chatting but as long as we are working while doing so. The least amount of CWB that happens at Starbucks would be dirtying the store. We work so hard to keep a clean store that I feel that we are working together to keep our store clean at all times. We want to be QASA ready always and we are always washing our hands or cleaning. Some rules/programs we have at Starbucks are corrective actions and consequences to your behavior and action. We have a zero tolerance on retaliation and we take pride in taking care of our customers but as well as our partners. Employees learn the rules on the job. There are so many so they must be taught but a lot of them are common sense. My shift supervisors and I exhibit

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