Cafe Muller : Beyond Just Dance

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Gerson Ricasata
Dance 100
Café Muller: Beyond Just Dance
Pina Bausch’s style is that of emotion and dance being at the forefront of her pieces and through “Volmund” and “Café Muller” the story aspect of dance is taken out of the forefront and the audience is left to feeling the same not knowing what to make of it. Pina Bausch was raised in Germany where her family owns a café, which could be where she pulled experiences from in order to create Café Muller. Her style of Dance Theater is almost entirely bout human expression and movement in order to highlight the human aspect of expressing through dance. The need to make sense of what you saw with dancers is brought to you after you watch this piece and as Bausch stays to the roots of Contemporary Modern Dance she strips that style even further in Theater Dance down to the complicatedly simple form of emotion.
Café Muller follows two different timelines with pairs of dancers that look similar, ranging from a content couple to a couple desperately trying to be together and two parental figures one clearing the room and the other ignoring everything. Café Muller is about a catharsis (cleansing) of emotions all set on stage without a clear path for the story to follow leaving it to the experience of the audience to define the eventful impact of seeing her experiences in the café. As the audience her style leaves more questions than answers with us interoperating the movements similarly to as if we were interoperating

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