Calcium: Helping Our Nerves Function Essay

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Calcium is primary found in bones and teeth (99%). However, the other 1% is directly related to proper nerve functioning. Increased calcium results in nerve damage caused by nerve inflammation (Yasko 20). As such, the proper balance of calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium ions maintains muscle tone and controls nerve irritability. If the calcium levels remain unusually high, in rare cases, “skeletal and membrane damage can also occur” (Ibid.).

Scarce amounts of calcium in a short window of time do not affect or produce any obvious symptoms. The buffer to this is the body’s maintaining of calcium levels in the blood by taking it from the skeletal (bone) system. Conversely, excess amounts of calcium are usually …show more content…

The mineral is the most essential to calcium absorption in the body. Although studies are needed to verify which calcium supplements interact with vitamin D the best when absorbed in the body, some doctors prescribe a calcium lactate pill such as Tums to help with absorption. Vitamin D may also be paired with magnesium for calcium balance and metabolism.
A second factor that affects the body’s absorption of is the GI tract. In other words, diets low in calcium (less than 400 mg a day) lead to enhanced calcium absorption because of a drop in calcium concentrations. A third factor that affects absorption of calcium includes normal growth patterns, pregnancy, and lactation. Younger children are known to absorb up to 60% of calcium, while adults only retain about 30%.
Further, a fourth factor that can affect the body’s absorption of calcium is the ingesting of food and lactation. Studies have shown that both appear to improve overall calcium absorption, possibly by improving solubility. For lactation specifically, the consequences on calcium diffusion…are thought to be more pronounced in infants than in adults. The calcium content of milk is an easily gathered source of calcium. A final factor that affects calcium absorption is general exercise. The more one exercises, the greater amount of absorption can be expected, while less exercise certainly equal less absorption.
Just as there are many factors that affect a

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