Camels Cigarette Ad And A Cdc Ad ( Centers For Disease Control And Prevention )

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Camels cigarette ad and a CDC ad (centers for disease control and prevention). Vintage ads are hard to take seriously by today 's standards, if only because they depict smoking as something so essential to personhood—it is hard to imagine that sort of shamelessness in today 's market. When we look at cigarette advertising in today’s society we see that it portrays smoking as a non-harmful addiction. Along with different cigarette advertising techniques, antismoking campaigns have been developed to grab the attention of everyday viewers. Each ad gives you a different perspective on each ideal image of cigarette smoking.
The Camels cigarette ad to influence smokers to try a “fresh” cigarette, Camel sponsors would use real cute and catchy phrases or jingles or even doctors to grab the watchers attention and help the phrase or logo of their brands stick in the minds of the viewers. This was a popular kind of advertising gimmick in those days and sold many, many cigarettes for these companies which was a form of entertainment. It was common in the late 1920s and early 1930s for tobacco companies to enlist "throat specialists" as endorsers of their products. This tactic “informed” their audience that it was safe. The second ad that’s being publicized is a CDC ad that is supposed to shock your everyday viewers and smokers. This ad was pushed forward to persuade people to not smoke and with these tactics to scare the viewers to show how dangerous smoking really is. The ad shows a

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