Camouflage Hijacking

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We all have learned that society’s models repeat themselves in patterns through time cycles. Entertainment has been offered freely to the citizens as substitutions for education since the ancient Roman times. A procedure done systematically in order to keep the power. Following the formula: The larger the percentage of ignorance of the many, the stronger the power of the few, the many are the victims of a camouflage hijacking. The revealing of the facts has been concealed, not disclosed in their entirety. A deliberate substitution that has been proven successful. Looking in depth of the equations of the adopted methods, we can see that there is insecurity behind it that it is responsible for the fear that the voters will rebel against the system…show more content…
The individual that is acting using those archetypes may as well possess all the riches and the power found in this world, yet if consciousness hasn't been gained, what’s left is a puppet in a life of illusions that equals to a lifeless state of being; a bone dry, arid, walking corpse. The beauty, that sometimes is not appreciated, is that even the worst status quo can be changed. The change is possible is just a matter of choice, surrender and will. The majority of the media has been complicit in the dirty misdeeds has covered up to protect the few. Wouldn't it have been better to disclose the facts, the happenings for all, instead of covering up for a few? Wasn't it Bob Dylan that sang " Gotta to serve somebody?” That reminds me of a situation when fear acts as an adrenaline downer that functions in the presence of the chance of losing that special job opportunity, a job that sees as a counterpart a copious reward of the “god” that man created. Therefore, when a man is asked to lie, he can truthfully say "I did it for God”. The question is which of the two? God or gold? There is much more behind the letter “l” added to the first. Public figures should talk for the benefit of all, if not, they should not talk. The report of the news has to be covered with integrity to permit the viewer to make his own assessment.…show more content…
I am talking about the telephony systems that has such a major importance in our lives. In my youth there were not instances that made us talk to machines until the introduction of the answering machine, that come later in time. The system, did work at his best in a simple manner without offering many choices and was provided at affordable price in relation to the cost of the living. The telephone that was originally envisioned and prototyped by the Italian inventor Antonio Meucci in the year 1808, in the Italian city Firenze, aka as Florence. He called his invention “Teletrofono.” Antonio Meucci, was denied to be the sole inventor and he was also deprived of his patented rights that were assigned to the Scottish born scientist Alexander Graham Bell. The invention was conceived as a device for communication between humans. The digital world of our days, often does not offer satisfactory alternatives and in many cases leaves us no other choices than talking and listening to frustrating recording machines. To be placed on hold during business transactions is a normal routine. Thanks to our patience and if we lucky enough, meaning if the line doesn’t drop, it is very possible that a third world country's operator will answer. Thanks to the globalization, those operators are very common because their services are compensated proportionally on a lower
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