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There are diverse embodiments of counterfeit science, cheap science, and deviant science. Over time, mankind has seen the rise and fall of various scientific fields of study. However, none ever seem to vanish completely. Humanity’s views of the flat earth, astrology, crop circles, ancient astronauts, and perpetual motion continue to gain advocates even today. These are compelling paradigms of how human beings possess the ability to hold on to various forms of reasoning without any use of appurtenant evidence. With that being said, the matter of intelligent design and its counterparts, Darwinism, evolution and creationism, are noteworthy topics to discuss.
For centuries, there have existed two major rival conjectures surrounding the
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The study asseverates that the universe has developed strictly with the supervision of an ingenious force. The ultimate claim is that it is by this intelligent force that we can truly explain the complexity and multiplicity that we descry today. Ponder on this question, how does intelligent design describe the origins of life? Does the concept of intelligent design correspond with the structure of what a scientific theory should be, or should society discard the study and see it as nothing more than a religious article of faith encased in a scientific cloak? Well, according to Stafford Betty, author of the article, Intelligent Design Theory Belongs in the Science Classroom, “Intelligent design theory is not based on the Bible or any other scripture. It is not creationism in disguise, as opponents of intelligent design misleadingly claim. Intelligent design accepts evolution as a fact” (23). Even though many proponents of intelligent design agree on the idea that evolution is indeed a fact, it does not accept the ideology of Darwinism (Betty, 23).
Darwinism and evolution is not the same thing. According to Maynard, author of the book, Evolution Now: A Century after Darwin, Darwinism only provides us explanations of how certain species respond to environmental challenges (Maynard, 7). This means that “Darwin’s theory of evolution provides us with
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