Canada 's Population Of Canada

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The population of Canada in 2014 was at 35, 540, 400 approximately. It increased around 1.1 percent over the last year (2013). Although the increase rate was lightly lower than the pervious year (2012), which up 1.2 percent; Canada’s population is still in a constant state of continues to rise (“Canada 's population estimates: Age and sex,” 2014). As the population keeps raising, Canada’s energy demand will also increasing as expected in future. Natural resources and the human survival and reproduction are tightly linked together. The abundant resources can let human beings to live with a steady, and even better living environment and standard. Canada is a country which with plentiful resources, especially in crude oil, coal and other traditional energy are rich in reserves. Canada puts a lot of effort in promote clean energy and renewable energy’s research, development and utilization. It gives people and other country a deep impression. "Renewable energy is generally defined as energy that comes from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale" (Wikipedia). Put this term in everyday speech, understand it as an easier way, it means the energy from a remaining resources which is not exhausted when used. As pervious mentioned, Canada has a plenty of natural resources to afford renewable energy. Since a long time, the Canadian government attaches great importance in clean energy and renewable energy. For example, such as hydrogen, solar energy, geothermal
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