Canadian Identity : Canada And Canada

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Beginning at the time of the Confederation, Canada has worked towards defining its own identity. Slowly, but surely, Canada has built the foundations for its path to prominence. From a colony of Great Britain, to the country it is today, Canada has achieved much on the long road to a unique Canadian identity. Whether it be through external or internal affairs, Canada’s people have endeavoured to instill the feeling of nationalism deep inside the hearts of both the present and future generations.
After becoming its own country in 1867, Canada has separated from Britain, growing instead into its own nation, with its own individuality. A major transformation first occurred during the First World War, with Canada deploying its soldiers as part of the British Commonwealth. At first, the war seemed to be in support of Britain instead of Canada, however, this fact soon changed when soldiers of different provinces began to develop a sense of nationalism; a feeling that they were indeed soldiers of Canada, not Nova Scotians nor Ontarians, but Canadian soldiers. Canadians then gained international recognition with their stunning victory at Vimy Ridge, a key position in the war. Moreover, Canada has provided many of the best pilots during the war, producing more than a hundred flying aces, greatly aiding the Allied victory. At the end of the First World War, Canada signed the Treaty of Versailles as its own country instead of as part of Britain, in addition, Canada even gained the

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