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Fairfax Metropolitan Hospital:
The Candidate

Fairfax Metropolitan

Hospital: The Candidate

M. June Allard

Assumption College

Worcester State College Professor Emerita

Fairfax Metropolitan Hospital is a moderately sized teaching hospital committed to quality care from a qualified staff. The hospital currently suffers from a lack of diversity among its staff, however—a glaring fault in nearly every unit at the hospital and one pointed out by several accrediting agencies. The hospital now seeks to develop a more diversified staff, which they define as one representing the racial/ethnic diversity of their community. In addition to diversifying, there is an urgent need to modernize

the nursing department, as its
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As the HR manager listens, themes emerge from the committee’s discussion of

Dr. Soysa. Typical of the comments he hears are the following:“I am concerned about her health, given that she is so overweight.”“Did you notice how much she ate at lunch?!“It’s important that we present a good public appearance . . .”“This job involves a lot of public relations; the director has a lot of public exposure” “Too bad our benefits don’t include fitness clubs or Weight Watchers!”“I just don’t know about her . . .”

“She is qualified, but . . .”“And she is so much younger than the other directors! Do you think she is too young to fit with them?“Experienced nurses might not accept her . . .”“I just don’t know if she would fit well with our organization.” Someone suggests that maybe they should select one of the male candidates, since there are few male nurses in the unit and the hospital has never had a male in the nursing director’s position. Someone else tentatively suggests that maybe the search should be reopened.

As the committee continues its discussion, the HR director is aware that no one is arguing for any other candidate in particular.There seems to be implicit acceptance that Saryn Soysa is by far the best qualified; easily head and shoulders above all the other candidates.

Their conversation, however, reflects reservations tinged with some prejudices. Jorge knows that the search team is conscious of its charge to diversify the nursing unit
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