U.s. Health Care Field

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Abstract Prevailing astuteness supports the fact that working in U.S. health care field in the 21st Century call for familiarity of the countless facets of health laws as they relate to dealing with medical professionals. Further, because U.S. health care administrators have to hypothetically work together with many levels of specialists beyond the medical profession, it is judicious that they are aware of any federal, state, and local laws that may be appropriate to their organizations. Consequently, their manner is also subject to the letter of the law. They must assess the value of their professional collaborations and be watchful of the insinuations and consequences of their choices. As the top health administrator at the proposed Well Care Hospital in Happy Town. Upon being hired, there was a pre-employment screening that involved a background check that was administered to check and see if there were any violations of hospital medical misconduct during the last five years. With the hospital in the last six months being under scrutiny for breach of medical compliance there was some training that had to take place including training in personnel conduct, as well as in inter-employee conduct with medical staff, nurses, and technologists. In this paper there will be a number of challenges that will be talked about but not limited to; the importance of professional conduct within the health care setting, major ramifications of having professional staff compromise the

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