Candle Burning Lab

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The purpose of this lab was to observe the burning of a candle and to determine the rate at which a candle burns. In order to begin, we tightened our candle into the clay located in a weight boat. Then, we measured the initial height and mass. The original height was 8.5 cm. The original mass was 9.26 g. In addition, we noted that the candle was made of wax, had a spiral pattern, was pink with white stripes, and had a pencil-like shape.
For the experiment, we attempted to burn the candle for 5 2-minute time periods. As we were burning the candle, here were our observations: the wick is burning, burning is taking place inside the candle, wax is melting, candle is getting shorter, most heat released above flame, wick is slanting, wick is blackened,
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