Candler V. Persuad Essay

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Candler V.Persaud Case Study

Candler v. Persaud Case Study
In order for physicians to get clinical surgery privileges to perform certain procedures in the realm of their practices, they have to obtain adequate abilities and experiences. There must be a combination of knowledge in theory and experience earned during practical situations. Without a clear confirmation of such combination of theory and practical knowledge, physicians are not in a safe position to perform any procedures. In the hospital setting, physicians must receive the clinical surgery privileges from hospital to perform any procedure there. It is incumbent to hospital to make sure all due diligence is followed by the physician. The hospital must check and cross
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That is where credentials are important to know to what specifically the surgeon is specialized in. For example, the fact that someone is an experience surgeon to deliver pregnant women does not mean he/she has experience and practice to operate on a woman have a breast reduction. In other undeveloped countries, I am aware of one surgeon is able to operate on people with many different issues. I have heard the story of Gynecologist surgeon who also operates on children with other birth defect. But, I like the way it is over here in this country, there is almost surgeons who practice very specific part of the body. This way, it is safer, and without much doubt one knows that he/she is dealing with someone who is trained, educated, and experienced in one particular field. In some particular cases, hospitals have granted privileges to physicians/surgeons to carry out certain procedures, but cannot depend on theoretical knowledge. Medicine is one the fields where theoretical knowledge only will not be considered as proof of experience. Also, no one can claim to be experienced through training and practice without the required years of theoretical knowledge. Both are required here, theory and practice. However, specific practice is required. For the surgeon needs to specialize in a particular area.
Not all surgical procedures are the same, each procedure necessitates very specific skills, expertise, knowledge, and
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