Cannibalism In The Animal Kingdom

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Cannibalism, one of the most morbid and taboo actions someone in our society could ever do. Even with the taboo of eating another humans flesh there are still some people who become cannibals. Cannibalism even happens in nature with animals eating other animals of the same species which leads to the question. What type of factors, whether it’s psychological, physiological, or anywhere in between, create a cannibal?
First, cannibalism is not only specific to humans, many different animals also partake in cannibalism. One example in the animal kingdom is sexual cannibalism. Sexual cannibalism is when a female animal of one species eats the male after mating. This commonly occurs in spiders and as well as praying mantises. Cannibalism in the …show more content…

The two men got together on March 9th, 2001 and proceeded to make a video of the whole debauchery which lasted for four whole hours. During the filming of the video, Meiwes proceeded to amputate and cook Brandes’ penis, all with consent from Brandes himself. After the two ate Meiwes ran Brandes a bath and continued checking on him every occasionally, all while Brandes is still bleeding out. After the bath Brandes fainted and was taken upstairs by Meiwes. Brandes then consented to being murdered by Meiwes and was stabbed in the throat and hung on a meat hook. After the murder Meiwes continued to eat Brandes’ remains over a span of ten months and was caught in December of 2002 because someone alerted officials of new advertisements for victims. Meiwes was released from prison eight years later but was then given a new life sentence after a psychologist said that Meiwes could reoffend and still fantasized about engaging in cannibalistic behavior. Meiwes was convicted with murder because of his motive of killing for sexual pleasure. So unlike in nature, humans will sometimes practice cannibalism if they have a sexual desire to do so.
Another reason a human being might engage in cannibalistic behavior is for survival.
During times of war and famine some people might resort to cannibalism in order to survive. China has a long history of survival cannibalism during the Han to Ch’ing dynasties. “rather than the decrease in reports of

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