The Pros And Cons Of Cannibalism

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As a human being, convincing a cannibal chieftain that I am not going to taste good for their dinner, is actually a complicated situation to consider. Cannibalism is surprisingly not against the United States law. It is misperceived that cannibalism is illegal. In reality, the reason why cannibalism is seen as revolting is because of the thought of a person eating the flesh of another person. Cannibalism is seen by people just like haggis and liver is seen as revolting to most people. When it comes to ethics, there are different components that would claim the cannibal eating me is morally unacceptable. This can be compared to killing another human being for no reason. Both of these cases contain the same common thought that killing people no matter what the circumstance is morally incorrect. The majority of society believes that cannibalism and homicide are both incorrect. This thought comes from three views. The three views that can be used to describe if an action is morally correct are, the natural law theory, relativism, and moral objectivism. These three views are looked at individually and not used together. The natural law of theory deals with reasoning deduced from the nature of humanity throughout society. Relativism deals with reasoning that is deduced within a certain culture. Moral objectivism deals with reasoning deduced from universal morality. Cannibalism is not always seen as incorrect in all societies. Some societies see cannibalism as a valid activity.

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