Can't Remember a Time Without I-Tunes Essay

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It’s difficult to remember a time without iTunes. To many people, especially to the younger generation, iTunes has always been a part of people’s lives. When it launched on April 28, 2003, iTunes was set to forever change the world of music and technology (Griggs & Leopold). When it first started, songs were available for instant download for only ninety-nine cents and albums for less than ten dollars. ITunes changed the way music was distributed and marketed. With the release of iTunes, music consumers could now download music digitally with the click of a button. Consumers no longer had to leave the comfort of their home to buy or listen to a song or an album. Before iTunes and digital music, consumers had to buy a complete album or …show more content…

With iTunes, consumers instantly get what they want, which is a perfect fit for our technological culture today, but the emotional experience of buying music has been shattered.
Because of iTunes, consumers have become more private listeners. Every song and album sits directly in front of each consumer. Listeners buy the songs they personally want and place them on their own portable music players. They listen to the songs by themselves as a private experience (Griggs & Leopold). Consumers do still share music, but do not engage in the social experience that existed before iTunes and digital music. Today, listeners share music by sending song files to each other or posting music on social media sites completely taking the shared and social aspect out of music. The shift in behavior from enjoying music as a social experience to listening to music as a personal experience has changed culture and society. Today’s world is all about the individual. People want things for themselves and they want them now. ITunes helped in changing culture and society to be this way by making songs and albums available instantly to each person. With iTunes, people can get the music they want instantly and are encouraged to listen to music as a more private experience.
In the time of records and even CD’s, there was no way to sell or buy single songs. ITunes transformed music by marketing single songs instead of full albums.

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