Payroll And Employee Time Tracking Management Systems

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Introduction to Stonebridge Stonebridge, since 1991, is a middle size, privately owned hotel development and hospitality management company. Currently, this firm owns more than 7000 guest rooms, holding franchise license with Hilton Worldwide, Marriott International, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, and InterContinental Hotel Group. Its primary bands are Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn & Suites, Marriott Hotels. [1] Stonebridge’s problems to be resolved As of 2006, hotel information systems had been fragmented. With applications catering to specific functions with little or no integration between each system. In a larger sense, hospitality was hampered by legacy systems which were often incompatible and hard to update. [2] Since Stonebridge had acquired many hotels while growing, it had many old compatibility related problems. These hotels’ management systems are inconsistent. • Invoice processing was inefficient and error prone. This process had been totally paper and manual based. Worse, aside from difficulty to find invoices, some invoices had been missing. • Inconsistencies between payroll and employee time tracking management systems. The process of payroll was inefficient and took a long time • Rolling up financial data required too much time and labor for each hotel when they were preparing monthly financial reports for investors • Outdated paper based and manual processes within the company, which not only was inefficient but also costing • Too many databases, their data was
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