Cappella Chigi Essay

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Beyond fiction, Into the Depths of Cappella Chigi
There isn't a specific year in history that could be pinpointed and said, “This is when the Renaissance started.” The period of rebirth of the classic ideas is what we, more fondly and famously identify as the period of Renaissance today. The European countries have been the central station for this massively celebrated time of revival of knowledge either lost or forgotten. Italy hosted the birth of the personalities, the present knows as the Renaissance Masters with Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Raphael, Fra Bartolomeo, Masaccio being some of the most prominent figures. The period of Enlightenment that followed the Renaissance celebrated the ideas revived in its preceding era. Rationalism, Individualism, Skepticism and so on were some of the key features of this age, also called the Age of Reason. …show more content…

The Chigi family headed by Agostino Chigi, a family of wealthy bankers rose to be the wealthiest in Rome in the early years of the 1500s after steadily increasing in influence through the late 1400s. Agostino was a parton to a man of legend, Raffaelo Santi, better known as Raphael, who was appointed to design a mausoleum for the heirs of his family after being allowed to purchase a chapel in del Popolo by Pope Julius II. Raphael was a man with works like the series of Madonnas and School of Athens to his name. Chigi Chapel started forming under the supervision of Lorenzetto during the years of 1513-1514. Agostino and Raphael ill-fatedly died in 1520 leaving the construction incomplete. Inevitably the construction had come to a near halt followed by slow progression. In 1650, Fabio Chigi undertook the role to restore his family’s mausoleum by commissioning Bernini to finish the task which a span of several more years before it was finally

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