Contributions Of The Italian Renaissance

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The Renaissance was a time of “rebirth” and a transition from the medieval time to the Early Modern World. It emphasized human beings, their achievements, interests, and capabilities. This time period was a “gateway” to the modern world and was essential for the improvement of human life. At the time there were two main Renaissances, the Northern, and the Italian. The Italian Renaissance took place from the 1400s to the 1700s, just after the plague spread through. One of the major reasons why the Renaissance started in Italy was because of how fast the plague got through and spread throughout the rest of Europe. The Northern Renaissance took place from the 1400s to the 1600s, because the ideas from Italy spread to and then throughout Europe. Location was a key factor in where the rebirth would take place. The Italian Renaissance took place in Florence, Italy. Florence had been the center of the Roman Empire, which encouraged the rebirth to happen in a rapid pace. Another reason why the Italian Renaissance took place in Florence was because of it’s location along the Mediterranean Sea, which aided trade and cultural diffusion. The Northern Renaissance took place in Flanders. Flanders had sufficient amount of trade, but also an immense economic growth that caused the North to start a renaissance of their own.
The Renaissance encouraged many advances in science, technology, art, literature, mathematics and much more. In Italy the art was enhanced to look more realistic and

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