Captain Trask : A Story Of The Old Man?

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Captain Trask stood at the sink looking in the mirror, to began the painstaking task of a morning shave. Getting in between the scars without cutting his face was the goal. Every morning, the thought that not even a beard wouldn't hide the ropes of shiny scar tissue, went through his mind. He was sure the General would turn a blind eye if it was an improvement. He had to admit that luck had been on his side. Scratches from the dead had a fifty-fifty chance of being fatal. Those that died, had about the same odds of just dying, or coming back as a zombie. The group's medic had plucked a loose fingernail from one of the wounds, before flushing the ravaged area with alcohol. The soldier got those scars saving his General's life. He …show more content…

She was a cute redhead who filled out her uniform nicely. Like many people, she never looked directly at him when speaking. Others, couldn't seem to look away from the wrecked visage. Sergeant Urizzi had shivers down her spine when looking at the Captain. He sat in a chair, rifle between his knees, zoning out. The General, not a morning person, passed through the room not speaking. The old man would have his morning brew before taking care of business. At last, the gate keeper let the officer pass into the inner sanctum. The General rose to greet his guest. It wasn't just an act, he was genuinely grateful to the young officer, The commander had grown to like his rescuer, although he also tried to keep him from further harm. "What have you got for me Bill"? "I have some information about the missing Major Barton, his mission and his troops out in Pennsylvania". "Excellent. I've wondered about that". "The Major is dead. His mission was successful. Most of the soldiers he took along have survived". "The source?" "A young woman who was flying a small plane that we snagged". The senior officer remained silent, letting the junior offer provide all the details obtained from the interview. "It should be easy enough to confirm if the test was successful" he finished his report. "So those soldiers have no idea how to get back" the General asked? "Knowing the Major, I would guess they have no idea"

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