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The morning sun had started warming the vans, as the congregation of eighteen made their way inside the cramped vehicles. Good morning pleasantries were exchanged as the group boarded. Even, Yasin smiled at Minister Mike.
The drivers revived their engines to begin the journey to the City of Babylon. Mazen radioed the second van driver as he pulled out into the bustling traffic. During the drive out of the City of Baghdad, Ahmad sat in the front seat replacing Rami, and Yasin had taken Ahmad's seat in the back row next to Bryan and Cara.
However, Ahmad was silent as they left Baghdad behind them. Ahmad seemed lost in thought, and repeatedly verified Vania's phone service. Mazen could tell the passengers vibe had become restless, so he …show more content…

Kwan was peeved. Here thousands of miles away, the students were busy texting their friends back home to even notice the grandeur. Unlike Tim, Kwan had sent a short email to his parents confirming that he arrived okay.
Passing through the group with Cara at his side, Bryan begun focusing his IPhone camera. Upon reaching the archway interior, Bryan noticed a missile blast that burnt a two-foot wide hole in the painted dome ceiling. It was a stark reminder of the war a decade ago.
Yasin jabbed Bryan, while saying, "You feel like a Big Man. Your Country targeted a historical landmark. Does this make you feel proud?"
Bryan saw the sneer look on Yasin's face.
Bryan abruptly turned to Cara and spoke, "Let's move on."
The group re-boarded the vans, as the caravan continued southbound to Babylon.

From her last row seat, Cara looked in the distance seeing the oil derricks drilling the desert floor with the occasional Palm trees swaying along the roadside as the first van traversed the highway. Miles later, She saw an abandon village. The building were made from mud brick and thatch roofs; Unfortunately, an easy target for despair. Dust swirled between the vans causing it to bury this ignored community.
Bryan tapped Cara's shoulder and showed her a jewelry box.
"I wanted to surprise you later, but I couldn't wait," Bryan said.
He smiled as she opened the box to see a diamond studded crucifix. Cara gave Bryan the

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