Justin Martyr Essay

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The greatest Christian Apologist and martyr, in the turn of the second century, who stood firm in defending the belief of Christianity, was the great philosopher and early Christian apologist and martyr - Justin Martyr. Justin Martyr (100-165CE), was born in Samaria, near Jacob’s well, around turn of the century in modern day Palestine. Justin was a Gentile and well educated, who has traveled extensively in search for the life’s meaning in the philosophies of his day.
In Justin’s child hood, his parents provided good education in rhetoric, poetry, and history. His study’s in various school started from Alexandria and Ephesus, began with the Stoics, Ari/sto/tel/ians, Py/tha/gor/eans, and Plat/on/ists, “earnestly longing
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Both of them were not as an adulterer, nor fornicator, nor murderer, nor thief, nor robber, nor convicted of any crime at all, but who has only confessed that he is called by the name of Christians. ii. Lucius (who was also a Christian, seeing the unreasonable judgment that had been given to Ptolemaeus, said to Urbicus: “What is the ground of this judgment?). Lucius, thanks Urbicus, knowing that he was delivered from such wicked rulers, and was going to the Father and King of the heavens. (1 Apol. Chapter 2)
c. Justin takes action in separating the Christina name from the evil acts performed by certain individuals, like lamenting how criminals tarnish the name of Christianity and are not true Christians.
2. Finally, he addresses to the Emperor by informing that Christians do seek to be member of another kingdom, Kingdom of “God” and not the kingdom of “human one.”
Justin writing to the Emperor about how Christine teachings parallel similar to the pagan mythology, making it irrational for pagans to persecute Christians. (1 Apology, Ch. 21-22).
My viewpoint of the First Apology, seems like a partition to the emperor for legalization of Christianity to be accepted by Pagans society in addition to false accusation and punishment for bearing the name Christianity. Another Pagans accusation of Christians being called a heretic is the example of being cannibalism.
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