Career Development Pl F & B Manager Essay

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Meijun Chen

Career Development Plan
1. Occupation: F&B Manager
This position of Food and beverage manager presupposes the responsibility for management of food and beverage service at every venue in hotel, restaurant, resort, institutional affiliation, etc. His primary task is to oversee the food and beverage service, evaluate the possible profits and losses, hire and resign the restaurant personnel. He considers food and beverage service for special parties, wedding receptions, conferences, and official meetings. This person thinks about the ways to promote special events to attract the attention of the publicity and business.
i. Why I select this occupation
The reason for choosing this occupation is the desire to work in the hospitality sphere. This position presupposes the high level of responsibility and high demand. Resorts and hotels remain one of the most successful sphere even in the economically difficult times. The job of F&B provides the possibility of good job and remuneration. It also attracts by the possibility to improve my professional skills and chance of working with managers to enhance products and services. This position provides marvelous opportunities for the future career development. ii. Current job postings
I have managed to find two job postings that demand hiring the F& B manager. The first is at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. This position requires an individual, who could provide the excellent service to hotel

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