Career Field Analysis Paper : Marriage And Family Therapist Essay

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Career Field Analysis Paper

Marriage and Family Therapist
1. Introduction: This career involves diagnosing of emotional and mental disorders family and relationships among relatives or spouses. Marriage and family therapists usually have an office of their own, but spend a majority of their time meeting with various patients, being a socially-driven job. There is not much room for growth because the entry-level position is very similar to a seasoned therapist’s position; a counselor is expected to have all of the knowledge and skills necessary at the time of being hired.
2. Interests/Skills: According to O*NET, the Holland code for marriage and family therapists are most interested in the Social, Artistic, and Investigative. “Active listening, social perceptiveness, service oriented work-ethic, speaking and judgement and decision making” are all things skills needed for this career as stated by O*NET. Some major abilities needed for marriage and family therapy are “oral comprehension and expression, problem sensitivity, speech clarity and deductive reasoning” (O*NET).
3. Work Conditions:
Having a private office is usually required due to the confidentiality between therapists and their clients. “Mental health counselors and marriage and family therapists work in a variety of settings, such as private practice and mental health centers. Most work full time” (bls). There is often stressful situations presented in this career as the therapist tries to diagnose their patient.

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