Career Goals For My Career

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Growing up, there were several different career paths I wanted to take but was not reachable at the time. Throughout my high school my career goal was to be a civil or mechanical engineer. At the time, it wasn’t clear to me what an engineer’s job function is. My family urged me to pursue that dream just because of the perks that comes with it such as money. Math was never my strong suit, neither was school and to become an engineer, several mathematics courses are required. My first two years as a transfer student in college, I had no idea what my career path should be if engineering doesn’t work out. After taking careful consideration, working in the tech industry was something that needed to be done. A few friends of mine gently pushed me in that direction, but my vision to pursue a career in tech was a bit fuzzy. Eventually I started leaning towards business, but by then it was already too late for me to switch majors. I chose Sociology as my major because I found the courses interesting to learn, and it is something I can apply to business. Earlier this semester, I decided to push towards specific fields such as sales or human resources. Eventually, I do see myself in a leadership position at work such as a management position in my workplace. I do believe I have what it takes to become a manager, but only after being with a company for some time so I can understand the concepts and how to adapt to the given environment.
Inner critic always has always been a part of my

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