Career Overview of a Cardiovascular Surgeon Essay

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Career Overview –
• A cardiovascular surgeon, otherwise known as a cardiothoracic surgeon or a car-diac surgeon, is a physician who specializes in the treatment of disease and injury of the heart, as well as the major blood vessels located in the chest. A cardiovasc-ular surgeon’s job is usually more demanding than that of other surgeons. The procedures involved in operating on the heart are very complex. (Stephanie Dube Dwilson, 2011).

Education and/or Training Required –
• In order to become a board-certified cardiovascular surgeon, one must endure an extensive training program that includes four years of college, four years of med-ical school, and at least seven years of residencies and fellowship programs …show more content…

o A cardiovascular surgeon is also responsible for his or her patients’ post-operative care while in the hospital. A cardiovascular surgeon may recom-mend lifestyle changes that help with preventive healthcare (Stephanie Dube Dwilson, 2011).
• Cardiovascular surgeons may work fifty to sixty hours a week. Cardiovascular su-rgeons have to be on-call frequently, too, as heart emergencies can happen at any time (Rasmussen College Campus, 2014). o A cardiovascular surgeon may work in an academic medical center, a co-mmunity hospital, a private group practice, or a medical clinic. If a cardio-vascular surgeon wants a less stressful work environment, he or she might turn to teaching (Rasmussen College Campus, 2014). o Cardiovascular surgeons must be in good physical shape, able to stand for hours at a time. Cardiovascular surgeons should also have a good bedside manner (Rasmussen College Campus, 2014).
• All cardiovascular surgeons have the same general training and are certified by the same specialty board, expect for congenital heart surgeons. Congenital heart surgeons have a sub-specialty certificate. Congenital heart surgeons operate on in-fants and children with heart disease (Rasmussen College Campus, 2014). o According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, cardiovascular surgeons’ specialized expertise will be in continued

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