Health Science Career Research Paper

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For my Health Science 1 class we were instructed to choose 3 different careers. The careers to be chosen were a health care career, a career of disinterest, and a career we would like to pursue. I aspire to be a Cardiovascular Perfusionist because it would feel great to be able to prevent someone from dying pre- maturely. I dislike the real estate field because they don't make much money and they do entirely too much work for not much profit. I choose Neurology as my health care career because I like learning about the brain, how it works and how and why people get mental disorders. Of course in any career you will have main responsibilities and you may be given extra tasks. Cardiovascular Perfusionists are in charge of operating…show more content…
To be a Cardiovascular Perfusionist you need at least a Bachelor’s Degree, 3 credit hours of Anatomy or Physiology, General Biology, General Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Biochemistry or Microbiology, one credit hour or more of Medical Terminology, and a cumulative and science GPA of at least a 3.0. Neurology automatically requires a lot of schooling, medical doctorate, Bachelor’s Degree, completion of a medical school program, internship, and a residency, and passing of the Medical Licensing Exam. Real estate agents must be at least 18 years of age, a legal us resident, high school diploma and have passed the real estate license exam. With all these careers education is important but common sense is required as well because the clients are dependent upon their chosen specialist to get them through related situations safely and…show more content…
the top to colleges for perfusion are the university of arizona and quinnipiac university and the best states to pursue your career in is new york, georgia, and california. neurology is best pursued in washington d.c., idaho, and pennsylvania and the best colleges to earn your credentials are yale school of medicine, perelman school of medicine, and washington university school of medicine. although real estate agents don't make much money, the richer the state the more income, so the best states to pursue realty is new york, florida, and california and the most recommended schools are the university of pennsylvania, new york university, and the university of
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