Caring Behaviors Of Nurses Scale Essay

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4. Caring Behaviors of Nurses Scale
The Caring Behaviors of Nurses Scale (CBNS) was developed by Hinds (1988) as a 22-item visual analog scale. The conceptual framework was derived from the existential theory of nursing (humanistic nursing) (Paterson & Zderad, 1976). The tool was developed to explore and describe the relationship of nurses’ caring behaviors with hopefulness and health care outcomes in a group of adolescents receiving inpatient treatment for substance abuse. In addition to completing the visual analog instruments, study participants also responded to a set of open-ended questions indexing the study concepts. The study using the CBNS provided “support for the theorized link between nurse–patient relationships and positive patient change” (Hinds, 1988, p. 22).
5. Professional Caring Behaviors
The Professional Caring Behaviors (PCB) is considered a first-generation measurement instrument. A preliminary instrument was developed based on 356 patients’ descriptions of caring and noncaring nurse behaviors collected between 1986 and 1988. Ten themes emerged from the patient data and were …show more content…

Nyberg (1990) reports basing scale development on the work of Watson and “theoretically related caring theorists,” including Mayeroff and Noddings. Three hundred fifty questionnaires were sent to a random sample of nurses, and 135 were returned. Construct and content validity were achieved through the development of the questionnaire; however, there is very little information available on construct validity. Poblete-Troncoso, M. D. C., Valenzuela-Suazo, S. V., & Merino, J. M. (2012). Validation of Two Scales Used to Measure Transpersonal Human Caring, Based on Jean Watson's Theory/title][title language= pt] Validação de duas escalas utilizadas na medição do cuidado humano transpessoal baseadas na Teoria de Jean Watson. Aquichán, 12(1),

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