Carolyn Is A Social Worker That Works For Hospice Branch Springs

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Introduction Carolyn is a Social Worker that works for Hospice Branch Springs. She has been working with a married couple, Li and Raymond Johnson, for the past few weeks. Carolyn has gotten to know the couple pretty well and has established enough rapport with the family that they are comfortable sharing their concerns with her. Li, the wife, is a 48 year old Vietnamese American dying of cancer. Raymond, the husband, is Caucasian and is a retired vet. Aside from the family and the Social Worker, the other key players in this case would be the staff at Hospice of Branch Springs such as the chaplain, nurses, and volunteers. This writer could even extend that network to the Johnson’s Friends and Family. Problem Statement During a visit …show more content…

Taking into consideration that Li is an immigrant, this would mean that she had to assimilate to her newfound husband and country. This created a number of cultural changes for including religion. Being alienated from her family and having to adjust to a new husband and nation would have added stress to the client, perhaps changing her religion to Christianity was a way from her to feel more accepted by her new culture and husband. Little is known about her life in Saigon, but this writer draws the thought that Li valued religion before she meets her husband and moved to America. Perhaps her switching religion was more of a way for her to freely express this part of herself that would be accepted in her new home. After all, if she continued to practice her old religion’s customs she would have been further estranged from her support system. And from the case, it is known that Li has not contacted her family in Saigon for years. The thought of losing another family could have influenced her change in religion. As the Social Worker on this case, Carolyn would benefit from referring to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics discusses the value that Social Workers uphold the dignity and worth of a person (National Association of Social Workers 2008). This value may offer some guidance to the situation. Alternative Strategies The first strategy suggested would be to schedule a meeting with the Johnsons and the Hospice staff.

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