Carpet Capital Culture Clash

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Carpet Capital Culture Clash Issues The primary subject matter of this case concerns the issues faced in an U.S. company with a large percentage of immigrant Latino workers and the resulting interaction with their original Anglo workforce. There are numerous cultural misunderstandings in this case study between Anglo and Latino workforce. The Human Resource Department is unclear how to address the issues facing in the company. The restroom One of the cultural challenges that company is facing is soiled toilet paper scattered or piled all over the plant’s bathroom floors. In Mexico and other Latin American countries, the sewer or wastes pipes leading from the building are usually small in diameter compared with U.S. standards. In…show more content…
Therefore, Mexican workers tend to be very dedicated to their jobs. Mexicans do not hesitate to go for the extra miles to work longer hours to make additional money to support their family. One major cultural clash between Anglo Americans and Mexicans are concept of timeliness. Punctuality is not big concern for Mexicans. American culture featured promptness and timeliness; the Mexican culture could care less. Mexicans believe their supervisors know everything and should always show respect to authority and not ever questioning their supervisors and elderly ever. It is considered disrespectful to question supervisors and elderly. Therefore, in this case study, it is possible that Jose Alvarado could be a younger Latino manager. So, that could explain why he is having trouble and difficulty to supervise his Latino workers. Also, keeping a harmony relationship with their own fellows are also very important to them. Therefore, it will be a challenge task for Alvarado to criticize his fellow Latino workers. This could possibly be the reason why Alvarado is dissatisfied with his new title. In the workplace, the cultural differences in terms of personal sensitivity are the source of many, if not most, of the conflicts between Mexicans and Americans. Americans, for the most part, are individualistic, competitive, and comfortable working on their own. Americans think highly of personal initiative and are self-starters. When
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