Essay about Workplace Violence

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Workplace Violence

“And who has not thought that the impersonal world deserves no better than to be destroyed by one fabulous sign of his displeasure?”
(J. Bronowski, The Face of Violence)

Workplace violence has become a concern for both public and private companies, and has prompted these companies to implement anti-violence programs.

As well they should, for the Bureau of Justice Statistics shows in their Special Report on Workplace Violence, researched by Dr. Greg Warchol , that in each year for the period of 1992 – 96 more than 2.2 million residents were victims of violent acts while they were working or on duty. (BJS Special Report, July 1998, NCJ 168634)

The most common violent act committed was simple assault with an …show more content…

These figures do not take into account battering that is unreported to employers due to the absence of guaranteed protection and counseling. The total effect and extent of domestic overspill is yet to be recognized.

3.) Changing workplace demographics. Growing ethnic, linguistic, cultural and gender diversity is likely to foster inter-group tension. One factor is the accelerating pace of immigration. The percentage of the foreign born in the U.S. population has doubled since 1970 and now stands at the highest rate in almost 60 years 98.7percent). In heavily impacted regions, the proportion is much higher: nearly 25 percent of Californians for example were born outside the U.S. This phenomenon is radically altering the demographics of the workplace and increasing the risk of pervasive inter-group tension in the workplace.

Since conflict among employees may erupt in violence companies need to address the causes. Companies need to put in place prevention plan and policies for dealing with incidents of workplace violence.

In addressing the occurrence of violence in the public sector, Tacoma School District has implemented two curriculums that help teach violence prevention. Get Real About Violence, developed by Comprehensive Health Education Foundation,

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