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Collin Forbeck 10/3/13 Carter Cleaning Company Case #2 Questions 1) First, how would you recommend we go about reducing the turnover in our stores? Turnover is a problem that is likely to be present in any low payed, low skilled job. Carter Cleaning can directly effect this turnover rate in a positive way through some guidance. Some great incentive for people to stay with a business is by providing opportunities for advancement. This could be practiced by Carter Cleaning by offering management positions to people who have been working with the organization and fit the criteria. Also, they could offer incentives such as discount dry cleaning for the employees families as incentive to stay. Another way to reduce turnover is…show more content…
To even further increase the applications, referrals are very effective. Jennifer should post new job “…openings and requests for referrals on [the company’s] website, bulletin board, and/or wallboards” (Dessler, 125). Employee referrals typically “…provide accurate information about the job applicants they refer…,” which will make it easier to find qualified applicants to fill opened positions with qualified employees that will most likely stay at the company over six months (Dessler, 125). Finally, there needs to be a place to record applications for future use. This could either be done on a computer or physical files. The basic way of solving this problem is to keep job interest high by promotions, and possible hires close at hand with the use of application records. References Experiencing Employee Turnover - More Tips to Reduce Employee Turnover How to Reduce Employee Turnover - Management - 10 Tips For Reducing Employee Turnover Dessler, G. (2014). Fundamentals of human resource management (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ:
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