Casablanca Film Analysis

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Casablanca, is a classic film that came out in 1942, and during that time World War II was happening. This film had many awards that it was nominated for due to its wonderful filming and the main theme of the film. While thoroughly watching the movie, it was easy to pick up that it was set during the war time and that the Germans were invading other countries. Rick was settled in Casablanca, and had a nightclub where people would go to simply hang out. One night while at the club his ex-lover walked in unexpectedly after ghosting him when she was supposed to leave Paris with him. Her walking in with another man brought back the questions of why Ilsa disappeared on the day that they were supposed to had fled Paris.
Becoming familiar with different types of categorizations of films this semester, this particular one stands out as historical fiction/drama. There is evidence of the war throughout the film as planes can be heard flying above and some servicemen being around. The love story between Rick and Ilsa creates little drama between the two, and that becomes the main theme of the film. The film having a main issue of there being a war close by shows what was happening during World War II. The filming on what was happening between the Germans and French is coming from both primary and secondary sources. That is probably how they got the ideas to create this film, I think this because in 1942 when this film was produced probably most of the information about what was

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