Case Analysis : Consumer Solutions

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Consumer Solutions Issue Analyzed #5597984 MGMT1P96 D03S09 Jeffrey O’leary January 25th, 2015 Overview Consumer Solutions is a multinational consumer goods company and they are located in Toronto, Canada with a strong advantage in research and development. The company does manufacturing and market products in several areas including health care, tissues, towels, fabric, home care and baby care. Les Newsman is one of the key players who has spent eight years as a brand manager, and he was promoted a year ago to director of alternative channels. Another key player, Rick Fire is 27 year old and has been working for Consumer Solutions for just over a year with an above average score for his first annual performance evaluation. A critical event that has happened is when Les shafted Rick in front of major clients and Rick failed to make a deal. After that incident, Rick needs to decide what is good for the company and what he has to do about Les. Problems One of the main problems that Consumer Solutions had was about Les Newman’s behaviour. Les should have been more open minded after their last annual sales meeting about being able to stretch and innovate. Instead of being open minded, he turned down Rick’s idea of opening a sporting goods channel. Les was being very unfair with Rick, trying to bring up roadblocks so he would not go on with the idea. Les seemed very ignorant at this point, and did not show any characteristics of a leader. This is a major problem
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