Case Analysis : Court Case

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Court Assignment

Jessica Chan-Bell

Court Assignment

Introduction 3
Relate what you observed during your visits to court. 3
Magistrates court 3
Crown court 4
Other courts that I did not visit 5
To what extent do you think that the court proceedings you observed were the most appropriate and satisfactory method of dealing with the issues in the cases observed? 6
Critically assess the value of the Jury system in the English Legal System. 6
What is a Jury 7
Advantage and Disadvantages 7
Conclusion 7
The role of the witness. 8
Bibliography 9

There are a number of courts in England and Wales, they deal with both criminal and civil cases ranging from breach of contracts or personal injury to robbery or murder. The type of court involved depends on the case presented. County courts tend to deal with civil cases, these include divorce and other family issues and claims for debt. A civil case is a case between two people or companies against each other and does not involve the state. On the other hand, a criminal case is the state against an individual or company who have breached the law. Criminal cases are usually heard in magistrates or crown courts depending on the severity. Magistrate’s courts can also hear civil cases. Other courts include the high court, the youth court, the Supreme Court and the coroner’s court. Most cities such as Nottingham have separate buildings for the magistrates and crown courts where as other cities such as Liverpool have…

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