Case Analysis : Excelsior Steel

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Case 3 1. Intro (casandra)
The case is about Excelsior Steel, a large steel manufacturer founded in the 1960’s. The company currently has a centralized hierarchical structure, where top management makes most of the decisions and there are several departments that handle the manufacturing, marketing, metallurgy, field sales, and support of the company. Once the company realized that their company was not competitive anymore they decided to reorganize to create less red tape for making decisions. A big part of restructuring is understanding, “ultimately, a company’s value is no more than the sum of the decisions it makes and executes,” and in order to allow for an easier flow of information vertically through the organization there needs
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The company then rehired the essential personnel needed for the newest technology and focused on training them well. An example of the change in technology would be the implementation of electronic mail and voicemail for the employees to use in order to improve communication between departments which increased their efficiency and time to manufacture steel.
Second, Excelsior decided to allow employees who have product ideas to plead their case management and then design and implement approved products. Allowing for innovation the products and processes within the company. Asking recommendations from employees
Third, Excelsior did everything to increase communication between workers and more fluidity of information. By putting emphasis on the functional teams this allowed the team managers to keep up to date on the latest technologies and training which made sure if they were assigned to a project manager they were abreast of their job requirements. what type of culture exists? Is it effective? How do you know? (prince)

How can the communication climate be characterized? Is it appropriate? What should change? (yavaris)

It is not clear that a company in Excelsior’s position can ever stop changing. What are some of the disadvantages of continuous change? How could Excelsior minimize them? (spencer)
Although it is unclear as to whether or not a company in Excelsior’s position
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