Courthouse Hotel Case Study Essay

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Organisational Change Management * The Courthouse Hotel Case Study –


1. Introduction p.3 2. Background Information on the Courthouse Hotel p.4 3. Internal and external drivers for change p.5-6 –PEST and SWOT 4. The Courthouse Hotel: nature of change p.7 5. Reactions to change p.8-9 6. One approach to change management: p. 10- 12
The Courthouse Hotel 7. Conclusion p.13 8. References p.14


An environment in which change may be the only constant is a challenge to every organisation and manager alike (Hayes, 2007). The need and pressure for change being consistent, it is crucial …show more content…

However, for the Courthouse Hotel it is important to pay attention to their strengths and future opportunities, which are outlined in the table above. Opportunities and threats originate, mainly, in the external environment; therefore managers have only limited influence on them (Hughes, 2006). However, by looking at a SWOT analysis change agents and managers will be able to formulate a vision, considering both, strong and weak, points of their business. The industry in which the Courthouse Hotel operates is highly competitive and the data in the table above is only a fraction of what managers have to consider when conducting a PEST or SWOT analysis.
It does provide a useful overview, and for the purpose of this report, give an insight into what concrete changes are planned and whether long-term success for the hotel can be achieved through effective change management or not. As we will explore in the next two sections, the answer is yes.

The Courthouse Hotel: nature of change
This section aims to determine the nature of change the Courthouse hotel is faced with. There two main types of change: incremental and transformational change. Academics argue that an organisation

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